Regrettable Haircuts

from by Aubades

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A week before our first ever show (in September 2014), I tried to push myself to write a song that lasted for more than two and a half minutes, which turned into the concept of rewriting "How I Escaped My Certain Fate" by Mission of Burma as an r&b ballad. It sounded like shit when we played it at that show and nearly a year later it has morphed into this song, which bears little resemblance to its initial state. In fact, the lyrics have 100% changed and obviously I dropped a couple verses. Vaslav Najinsky is a very talented ballet dancer. The hatchet line is partially stolen from Nathaniel West in "Miss Lonelyhearts". The rest of the lines are about an inability to open one's self to emotional intimacy.


You're a much better dancer than me
but I dance around yr questions like Vaslav Najinsky,
and with a sense of silliness that some consider nihilistic,

but I don't want you to suffer my sleep
or stubble scrapes when a stranger's all I'll let myself be
in a self sabotage, a self reserve clause.

Trust, to me, is oil and water for sure:
top-heavy with what stifles and not what stokes the fire
guess a spark's never sunken to the bottom of my glass yet.

Being wounded is banal and I need
to go dutch on desire; if I could offer reprieve
I would bury my face like the blade of a hatchet in yr neck.

I need someone who will
hold me in the baggage cl-aim at the airport!
I need someone who will
always know the perfect way to get rid of my hiccups!
Someone who'll love me through all my
regrettable haircuts!


from /oʊˈbɑːdz/, released December 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Aubades Minneapolis, Minnesota

aubades is rt koeberl and sometimes more and sometimes less

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